I am a mystic, sound energy therapist and creative living in Cape Town, South Africa.

My passions are spirituality, dance, music, and various forms of art. I love a deep connection to people and nature.

Michelle Oberholzer

My experience includes:

  • A certificate in massage therapy.
  • An advanced level qualification as Kinesiologist.
  • I am a certified Heart IQ facilitator/ group facilitator.
  • Ongoing in depth study of mysticism and spirituality.
  • Sound Energy Dynamics tuning fork healing Level 3.


The sound energy work using tuning forks is the most profound form of energetic healing I have come across. It is gentle and yet far reaching in application. The technique I use was developed by mystic and musician Christopher Tims almost 30 years ago. Christopher has a vast knowledge of the vibrational working of sound and the human energy body. The technique has been taught to thousands of practitioners from all over the world.


I love working with people of all ages and have a special fondness for working with children and teens.