“What we think of as sound healing will be called frequency medicine.”

Jeffrey Thompson, founder of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research.



A tuning fork sound vibration session is a gentle, yet profound way to enhance total physical and emotional well-being.

Vibrational harmony is enhanced by using tuning forks on and around the body. It brings about an increased capacity for peace, relaxation, and vitality.

The experience is like getting a massage through sound vibration. It is physically non-intrusive, yet the vibration penetrates the physical as well as energy bodies. It enables change, new insights and breakthroughs on all different levels of your reality.



“This technique is a powerful transformational tool, initiating change at all levels, directing you towards the realization of your hopes and dreams.”

Christopher Tims, founder of Sound Energy Dynamics.




“Spiritually and now scientifically through Quantum Physics, we know that everything is sound and resonance. Certain frequencies, such as those created by gratitude and love are far healthier for us than others. Physically we still have some catching up to do. Tuning fork healing is a part of a new wave of treatments that are helping us to get there, and Michelle is excellent.”

Michael Dale
Life Coach, Executive Coach, Facilitator. Author of ‘Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart‘ & ‘Rude Awakening

“With the endless rush of the retail world I’ve forgotten the importance of rest. My sound healing session with the Michelle was incredibly relaxing. Thank you Michelle for the wonderful experience.”

Onesimo Bam
Artist and retail manager

“Michelle’s sound healing sessions are held with attentive gentleness. Her skillful use of the tuning fork literally tuned my being into a profound sense of deep peace, where my body found a new sense of resonant aliveness.”

Simric Yarrow



“Deep mental and physical relaxation would decrease sympathetic and increase parasympathetic autonomic nervous system tone and response, thus decreasing stress response.”

Dr. Helen Lavretsky on sound healing, published in the nytimes.com



What happens during a session?

The client lies down fully clothed on their back and I use tuning forks on, over and around the body. The energetic balancing happens using sound and resonance.

What can I expect afterward?

Each session is unique, but immediate effects are a sense of calm, deep relaxation, wholeness and well-being. The long term benefits are infinite in possibility as the energy body is balanced and enhanced on all levels.

How long is a session and how many sessions do I need?

A session is 1 hour long.

One session is extremely beneficial, and the effects of multiple or regular sessions are accumulative over time.